There is a tiger.
She lives in my chest.
She doesn’t need a lot of sleep.
She knows she must remain ever vigilant, Hyper focused.
Alerting me to every noise.
Every shadow.
Every gust of wind that slips it’s fingers through our house.
She gnashes her teeth.
Snarls loudly into the void.
She is ready.

There is no time for gazelle anymore.

She hisses at me to wake up.
she knows he’s out there.
She knows he is alive.
She knows he will eventually come back for me.
And she must be ready.
If she is to fight him, we must both be awake.
She can’t be distracted.
She must remain hungry and violently angry.
Always on guard.
Her bones are beginning to show.

A car backfires.
His face in my Facebook feed.
His face in my dreams.

I hear his warning.
The one he spit on my door after I had escaped him.


I feel her begin to pace in my chest.
There is no time for gazelle anymore.

One thought on “Lacie

  1. This is a great poem. I’m sorry for what you’ve been through, I know hyper vigilance and it’s never-ending state of anxiety. I hope you will one day be able to get past what has happened.

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